About Us

Naturally Sweet.  Wholly Refreshing.  Undeniably Delicious. Oh So Wholesome.

Experience the thrill of a tropical vacation with every sip.

Incredible Flavors that Transport You

Imagine yourself basking on a sandy beach, breathing in the sweet, fragrant air as the warm rays of the sun gently kiss your skin.  The soft, tropical breeze swirls around you as the sound of ocean waves crash along the shore.  As you lounge there in the middle of this virtual paradise, you raise a cool, refreshing tropical drink to your lips and feel your stress fade away as the crisp, exotic flavor of this beautifully sweet juice refreshes your body and rejuvenates your soul.

Now, what if you could experience that little piece of flavor nirvana any time you like?

With Whollychee, you can.

Who We Are and What We Believe

At Whollychee, our goal is to do more than simply offer premium lychee juice that has been carefully crafted from wholly natural lychee fruit:  Our mission is to create a flavorful experience that has the power to invigorate your day.

Our premium lychee fruit juices are lovingly crafted to brighten your day, put a pep in your step, and inspire you to live your best life.  As dedicated purveyors of wholly natural lychee fruit juices, we are steadfast in our mission make the world a more flavorful and beautiful place – one sweet drink at a time. 

At Whollychee, we believe in giving our customers wholly in everything we do.  Our juices wholly natural, wholly free of added sugars, wholly preservative-free, wholly dye-free, and of course, wholly delicious and wholly fun and wholesome.  Inspired by our passion for giving back to our community and making delicious, high-quality foods that are accessible to everyone, we go above and beyond to ensure our premium all-natural lychee juices are sourced by only the most well-respected partners, our juices are carefully and lovingly crafted by skilled culinary artists, and each of our products are easily accessible and available to anyone who wants a healthy drink that brings a smile to their face.   

Whollychee was founded on the simple notion that by creating high-quality, wholesome lychee fruit juices, we have the power to support change in the lives of our customers – one beautiful beverage at a time and heal the world while doing it.

Are you ready to be whisked away to your own exotic paradise?  With Whollychee, your tropical escape is just one delicious glass away. 

Why Lychee Juice?

All it takes is one sip and you’ll understand.  Lychee is a flavor profile unlike any other in the entire world – and finally, Whollychee is ready to share this beautifully sweet, deliciously fragrant, and undeniably refreshing, wholly wholesome fruit powerhouse to homes, grocery stores, smoothie shops, restaurants, and bars across the globe. 

Bursting with antioxidants and potassium, independent scientific studies have suggested that the health benefits of lychee are beyond impressive – from an ability to help to maintain blood pressure to reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack, or its ability to slow down the impacts of early aging and more.  Beyond this incredible array of health and beauty benefits, lychee is one of the most uniquely delicious flavor profiles the world has ever known.  Perfect for mixing a sweet cocktail, re-energizing after a hard workout, or sipping under an umbrella with a group of friends, lychee fruit juice is more than a beverage:  It is an experience.

It is Time to Taste Something New

At Whollychee, we are proud to be the only mass producer of high-quality, wholly-natural 100% lychee juice on the market today.  Our passion for lychee is beyond compare, and for good reason:  Lychee is endlessly delicious, truly refreshing, filled with fun, unapologetically unique, and the perfect drink for the sophisticatedly adventurous flavor explorer in all of us.

We are honored to bring the fun of lychee into your home and across the world with our wholly-natural, pure, and blissful assortment of tropically flavored fruit juices.  Are you ready to taste something new?